Portable BBQ & Fire Pit

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Portable BBQ & Fire Pit

This handy Portable Steel BBQ & Fire Pit is the perfect way to cook on the go, whether you’re camping under the stars, chilling at a festival,  getting some sun at the beach or going round your friends for a BBQ! Our simple design allows for easy assembly and disassembly, able to be done in minutes! Not only this, but the design also allows for an easy way to access and remove the ashes and remains from inside, so re-use is both quick and simple!

The components simply slot together, so no fixings or screws are required!

Small enough to be portable, yet big enough to cook for up to 4 people!

We cut this out and ourselves at our St Neots based workshop, with all of our other items both being built and sourced responsibly from around the U.K. by us here at Pegasus Bespoke Furniture.


Basic Model

  • Bare steel
  • No paint
  • If left to the elements, will rust for that rustic look

Painted Model

  • Metal painted with stove paint which will withstand up to 1500°C

Stainless Steel Option

  • The entire BBQ is 100% stainless steel which will last for years to come without rusting.


Height from Floor (cm) : 23.5
Width (cm) : 34
Length (cm) : 50

Weight (kg) :

Additional information

Metal Finish

Bare Steel, Stove Paint, Stainless Steel

Bare Steel
Stove Paint
Stainless Steel